Intelligence is All There Is

May 22, 2008


            We dwell in the medium of Intelligence as fish swim in the rivers, seas, and oceans.  Everything is Intelligence and that Intelligence permeates, animates, and charges every atom and cell of our bodies.  The issue for us is to respect That Intelligence as It is All there Is as Existence Itself, and the reality that there is Absolute Law that governs our lives, all life,  and is inherently perfect in the rhythm and movement of existence and all in existence.

There is no being that Is Intelligence, (all beings are Intelligence) that lives, and thrives to kill itself or its kind, which is why it is said that the 1st Law of Nature is Self-preservation.  Everything that is creature of the of the Intelligence of the Unseen and that of Mother Earth and Mother Nature has an inner urge to strive for continued existence. 

There is one I (eye) that truly sees and that eye is the I of every being.  The I that is the truth of a being is Intelligence and cleanliness of our blood stream greatly enhances the clarity with which the I sees in us and the Intelligence that we are can function in harmony with all other Intelligences of Existence, living to perpetuate themselves, attending daily to that which is theirs to do in their own best interest and in the best interest of Mother Earth and all of us.

We must perfect the habits of reverence, respect, honor, care, nourishing, nurturing, protecting , providing, ritualizing, forgiving, mercy, compassion, reflection, repentance,  rejoicing, praying, meditating, relaxing, listening,  appreciation, love & gratitude to facilitate the true healing that is needed within ourselves, our families, our communities, and our world.

Honoring and treasuring your Body Temple where the Spirit of The Living God (the Intelligence of Existence) has Its Being is the first point of worship and the foundation of Love in demonstrating a respect and appreciation for the Lord or Law of your being.

The world is in the condition it is in due to violation of the Laws Of Existence, the first of which is “Thou Shall Not Kill”.  The mass murder of hundreds of thousands of chicken, fish, sea animals, lamb, goat, turkeys, cows, pigs, and others over the planet is a blatant violation and disrespect of the Intelligence of Existence, but then to feed off of the carcasses and body parts of those animals is suicide as no one is above the law; as you sow so shall you reap, what you do to another you do to yourself: 

The pandemic of all manners of dis-ease manifesting as Obesity, diabetes, cancer, leukemia, HIV, AIDS, arthritis, rheumatism, hypertension, heart disease, stroke, heart attacks, hysterectomies, impotency, infertility, blindness, STD’s, tuberculosis, alcoholism, drug addiction, substance abuse, premature pregnancies, abortion, multiple sclerosis, lupus, rape, incest, whoredom, prostitution, molestation, murder, theft, attention deficit disorder, bi-polar, schizophrenia, homelessness, domestic violence, insanity, divorce, police brutality, suicide, homicide, unemployment, spiritual, physical, mental  impoverishment, overwhelming debt, further entrapment, enslavement,  incarceration, execution, genocidal annihilation all is rooted in the violation, disrespect, disregard, and disobedience to the Law of Existence.

We can be cleansed, renewed, re-birthed, regenerated, rejuvenated, revivified, and resurrected by loving ourselves enough to honor the Law of our being and eating of that which grows from Mother Earth and taking the time to enjoy your life.

Don’t underestimate yourself.  You are one of our greatest gifts from the Creator, but will you care to be and  give your greatest gift…the authenticity of your own spirit, the beauty of your Truth, the healing of your songs and the joy of your dance. 

Walk consciously upon the path of exaltation, Exalting  life, Light,  love, law, learning, loyalty, labor, logic, liberty, language, laughter, leisure through your attitude of gratitude and heart overflowing with Thanksgiving for the Abundant Blessings In Being. 

This is the Resurrection….the Movement of The Eternal, the return of the Order of The Ancients.


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May 21, 2008

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